Captcha Entry Jobs

Captcha Jobs

Captcha Entry Jobs is very easy jobs we don’t ask any Registration for this jobs. We provide free project for worker.

What is Captchas?

CAPTCHA is a program that can tell wheter it’s user is a real human or any software. You have probably seen it with distorted text at many website’s registration form. Captcha are used by many website to prevent spam and fruad.Now There are no any computer that can read destroted text image only human can read it, so bots can’t do any activities on website
Captcha Entry jobs is the very simple work to make genuine income. Practically there is no limited to you earning

Job Summary:

Requirement: Typing speed Minimum @ 25 wp. Basic Knowledge of Computer and MS Office

Age Required: Should be 18 years and above

Compensation: $ 3 per 1000 Correcty typed word

Registration Fee: We don’t ask any Registration fees. We give free of cost to our member

Payment Terms:

Minimum 15,000 entries done by user on every month 7th

We will pay $3/1000 for day worker and $4.5/1000 for Night workers (10.30pm to 04.30 am)

Payout will be processed on evey 7th of month for their last month work